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Rolling with the Changes

Everyone’s accustomed to changes with the arrival of spring--warmer temperatures, crawfish boils, and later sunsets are all things we expect. But this spring has brought many more changes than we, and our students, have ever been through before.

One of those big changes has been adapting our music lessons to an online format. You, our students, have adapted amazingly well to the new experience of distance learning--not just with your schoolwork, but also your private music lessons! It’s been quite a whirlwind of learning new technology and working through the kinks, and by this point, it’s pretty smooth sailing. We’d like to share a few of the exciting things this new format has brought about.

  • Better Listening. We’re listening to each other more than ever. Without the ability to talk or play notes at the same time, you and your instructor are more mindful of taking turns to speak or play.

  • Better Ear Training. This is similar to the fact that we’re listening more, but it’s more specialized. For example, singers taking lessons online have been singing more a capella (without music) than they would in an in-person lesson. It’s great practice for developing a singer’s ear and learning how to sing in tune.

  • Terminology Wizzes. You’ve really mastered your music terminology this spring! Why? Because we can’t simply point to the book and ask a question. We have to use specific music terms to communicate better with each other when we’re sitting in different places.

  • Levelled-Up Tech. Everyone--students, instructors, staff, and parents--has learned more about online formats and new technology than we knew before.

  • Fun Bonus: We’ve gotten to meet some of your pets! Always a plus.

So students, give yourselves a big thumbs up for rolling with the changes, persevering through uncertain times, and thriving in your music lessons. You’ve taught all of us a lot about adapting, and we’re better teachers for it.

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