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Dance Tuition & Fees 2023-24

Membership Fee

A yearly membership fee is due at time of enrollment. $65 for the first child; $60 for the second child; $160 as a family maximum. The membership fee is per child, not per class enrolled in. Membership fees are non-refundable and automatically renew each year on May 1.

Tuition Policies

Our full dance year (2023-24) includes 36 classes starting August 19 and is divided into 10 monthly installments. Tuition may be paid monthly or yearly. An Auto Pay system is used for all monthly payments. Monthly tuition is automatically paid on the 10th of each month starting August 2023, through either a checking account (eCheck) or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). No refunds are given for tuition or registration fees. We do not pro-rate or refund tuition based on missed classes or poor attendance. You may make up missed classes.

A full copy of our policies are available on our Parent Portal and acceptance is required for enrollment.

Monthly Tuition

Monthly tuition for dance classes is based on the number of classes taken, length of class, and the level of classes. Please visit our class info page for program details for your dancer's age and level. Save when you take more than once class. 2nd classes are 30% off.

30 minute class - $57

45 minute class - $79

60 minute class - $95

90 minute class - $139

105 minute class - $159

Yearly Tuition

When yearly tuition is paid at the time of enrollment (or by Aug 1), you receive a 5% discount off you tuition total. Cash or checks only. Credit and debit cards are not accepted for yearly payments.

Student Withdrawal

A minimum of 2 months of lessons is required. This is necessary to give the lessons a fair chance, allow us to work with the student, and possibly try another class, day, style or teacher. After this, we only need 14 days notice to drop from a class. The withdrawal must be done in person with desk staff (not a teacher) using a simple electronic form by the 28th of the month before you wish to discontinue lessons. Once the completed form is received, your scheduled Auto Pay is stopped and no further charges will be made. All past due accounts must be caught up before a withdrawal is processed.

Dance Revue Fees

Yearly dance revue fees are determined and distributed in October. The fee is an all inclusive fee that includes the appropriate number of costumes for your child's classes, production costs, venue rental, security, scenery, lighting, props, a themed T-shirt, a yearbook, digital downloads of your dancer's routines, group pictures, and more. Fees are broken into 3 payments due between November and March. All costumes are ordered over the Thanksgiving break.


Unpaid tuition will have a $20 late fee added on the 17th.

Paper checks and eChecks (bank drafts) returned for insufficient funds will have a $35 fee added.

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