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Teacher Training Program at CDMS

From your child’s first class to their graduation performance, CDMS has a class for everyone. We specialize in beginners of all ages and offer training through advanced and competitive levels. Our dance classes are taught by skilled teachers in positive classrooms. Our students go beyond fundamentals and technique to develop important life skills – learning to be respectful, confident, and conscientious young people.

To help our students develop those important life skills, we offer a Teacher Training Program. They are able to attend and enjoy their own dance classes, but they are also able to help out in other classes with students of all ages. This program sets our students up for success in all walks of life!

Dance students participating in our Teacher Training Program begin in middle school. They enter the program as class demonstrators, assisting teachers with demonstrating and displaying the movements and choreography for the class. As they grow their classroom skills and enter high school, our demonstrators become class assistants.

As assistants, they are our teachers’ right hand women. Our class assistants can step up and lead class when needed, allowing them to become more confident and comfortable in front of a classroom. They lend a hand with classroom organization and are even tested on dance terminology to become a teacher graduate.

Our Teacher Training Program participants are making lifelong friends, making cherished memories, and most importantly, learning valuable life skills to help them succeed both in and out of the classroom.

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