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Musical Milestones™

Musical Milestones™ is a unique, one of a kind program, that was developed at CDMS with our music students in mind. You won't find a music program like this any place else!

Musical Milestones™ gives students clearly defined levels so that your child always knows where they are and what’s needed to reach the next level. They will gain confidence with every new skill they check off the list, and you’ll notice a difference when they are motivated to practice and succeed. Our new, custom-designed Assignment Book makes it easy to track their progress.


In addition to a path to success, Musical Milestones™ offers your child special opportunities, including creating their own music and leading groups. Your child will be proud to say “I wrote it!” when he performs his own composition for family and friends, and you’ll see more responsibility in your older child as she leads a group performance for the first time. It’s a great time to be onboard at CDMS as we explore even more ways to learn!

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