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Dance classes at Creative Dance & Music Studio are designed very specifically for each age group. From our excited preschoolers to our focused teens, careful time and attention is given to make sure each child is a part of something special.  Discover the right dance program for your child by selecting a box below. 

Click on a Program Below to Discover the Right One for YOU!

Debut Dancers
1.5 year olds-5 year olds


Spotlight Performers
6 year olds-9 year olds


Show Stoppers
10+ year olds

"This studio is very good with toddlers. The staff are caring and friendly. They stay organized and informed with classes and events throughout the year. It is a safe and stress-free environment for busy parents like us. We enjoyed being a part of this dance family for almost a decade!! If you think you have a little dancer and don't know where to start, I highly recommend this studio."

-Tutti N. (Proud Parent)

2 year old dance

3 year old dance

4 year old dance

5 year old dance

dance for 2 year olds

dance for 3 year olds

dance for 4 year olds

dance for 4 year olds

2 year old dance class

3 year old dance class

4 year old dance class

5 year old dance class

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