What our Families Say...

"3 generations in my family danced here. I loved it when I was little, and my daughter loves it just as much as I did. The classes are affordable and fun, the costumes are tasteful and classy, and the staff is WONDERFUL. It's like joining a family. #lovebeingadancemom"

-Adrienne (Proud Dance Mom)

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“My daughter has danced at CDMS for over 10 years, joining this wonderful family is the best decision we made. Lori and her staff are professional, courteous and give the dancers the foundation they need to excel in all genres of dance. We have made life long friends at this studio and wouldn't have it any other way.”

-Deborah M. (Proud Dance Mom)

"My daughters first year was amazing, even through COVID drama, everyone communicated very well with us. We ended with an amazing recital and were looking forward to the next season to start. I would definitely recommend CDMS to anyone."

-Sherry (Proud Dance Mom)


"CDMS is our second home, my daughter is going on her 14th year of dance there. They truly care for their students, it's not only about dance. Everyone is professional and have excellent communication with the dancers and families. Even during this pandemic the communication was great and they were able to provide virtual classes. We love our CDMS family."

                                                                                              -Marie (Proud Dance Mom"

“Creative Dance and Music Studio has become our home away from home over the last 6 years. My daughter enjoys attending classes and meeting new friends. I have watched her confidence grow as she progresses through each year with the help of her supportive instructors. This studio is very well organized and communicates often, which helps us to stay on task with important dates and events. The studio quickly adapted to the pandemic stay at home order and offered online classes so that skills and conditioning were not lost. Now that the studio has reopened, they adhere to CDC, state and local guidelines for the safety of all students and staff. Virtual classes were also offered in the event that students were not able to attend in person. I couldn't ask for a more family friendly studio.”


-Jada (Proud Dance Mom)


“My daughter grew so much from her first year at CDMS. The building is new and always immaculate - even pre-COVID. Communications to the parents is frequent and detailed. The studio has been amazing in its compliance of COVID phase restrictions. The instructors produced videos to practice at home during Phase 1, and the year-end recitals were just short of a miracle to pull off with Phase 2 restrictions in place. If you want to take dance classes, then this is the place!”

-Jennifer (Proud Dance Mom)

"This studio is very good with toddlers. The staff are caring and friendly. They stay organized and informed with classes and events throughout the year. It is a safe and stress-free environment for busy parents like us. We enjoyed being a part of this dance family for almost a decade!! If you think you have a little dancer and don't know where to start, I highly recommend this studio."

-Tutti N. (Proud Dance Mom)

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"Amazing staff and very organized company!"

                                                                                                 -Trinity (Proud Dance Mom)

“MY daughter has been dancing at CDMS for 3 years and we can honestly call this place our second family and our home away from home. The teachers are so caring and loving and truly care about each and every dancer. The school was so amazing during the COVID pandemic and were determined to ensure their dancers had a dance revue. It was an amazing job by every staff member to put on that show and make it just as memorable as it would have been in "normal" times."


-Alison L. (Proud Dance Mom)

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“We have been involved with the studio for 8 years in both music and dance. The staff is amazing and caring. Our girl loves going to her lessons each week and showcasing her talents at the end of the year.”


-Mary L. (Proud Dance Grandmother)

“Since my daughter has been attending classes here, her confidence has grown over night. Her love for dancing is blossoming thanks to creative dance and music studio.”

-Mia M. (Proud Dance Mom)

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“I have been a "Dance Nana" at this studio for over twelve years. Starting with my now 14 year old granddaughter, who was then followed three years later by her sister and then three years later by her cousin. I can't say enough great things about this studio. I'm as excited as my granddaughters to learn about the revue theme, see the costumes, watch the dance rehearsals, and attend the annual revue or competition events. I would highly recommend this studio to any current or future dancers.”


-Susan P. (Proud Dance Nana)

“My children have been blessed to be with Creative Dance from the beginning. The transition has been amazing. Seeing them grow in both music and dance."

-Daisy C. (Proud Dance Mom)

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"CDMS has been my home away from home since I was 18 months old. It provides me with the techniques that I needed to get into a creative arts school (NOCCA). My teachers are not only great teachers, they have also become my second family. They are dedicated to making me and the other dancers the best dancers we can be."

-Gia H (dancer)