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Our Forever Home

At CDMS, we pride ourselves on providing an excellent dance and music experience to our students. We provide this experience through reliable customer service, fun and caring dance and music teachers, and a safe facility for anyone who walks through our doors.

We moved into our current facility - what we like to call our "forever home" - in January 2019. Somedays it feels like we've been here for years, but other days it feels like we just moved in. Regardless, we are thankful for our new facility and everything it has to offer.

Dance floor

Since dance is a physical activity that requires a lot of jumping, it is very important to have the proper surface. For young students, a slip resistant surface is critical to protecting them, especially in tap shoes. As students get older it becomes more important to protect them when jumping, turning, and traveling. The best way to prevent against potential injury is by choosing a studio with a sprung floor installed. This is a floating floor surface that allows a small amount of ‘give’. It will protect dancers when jumping and landing in all forms of dance.

The top layer of the dance floor is also an important factor. A vinyl composite ‘marley’ floor is accepted worldwide as the best surface layer for recreational to professional dance. All of our dance rooms have wood, sprung sub-floors and a marley top surface. Our special floors help reduce the risk of injuries and allow students to dance longer without fatiguing their bones and joints.

Hand sanitizer

We have hand sanitizer dispensers located throughout our building and in each classroom. Parents, students, and staff members are encouraged to sanitize as soonas they enter the building. This helps us to limit the amount of dirt and germs that enter our dance and music rooms. There are also bottles of hand sanitizer located in each of our dance and music rooms. It is available for any of our students to use as needed. Our teachers also give everyone hand sanitizer on their way out of the room.

Private parking lot

At our previous facility, we shared a parking lot with multiple other businesses. It was a safe environment, but it had the potential to become hectic with many people coming and going from all around. Now at our new, forver home, we have our own private parking lot! Our parking lot is spacious and well lit. This allows our parents and older students who drive themselves to safely park and walk to and from the building with minimal concerns.

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