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Getting Ready to go Back to Dance Class

The past few months have been unexpected. We never would have imagined we would have to adapt our lives to a pandemic, yet here we are 10+ weeks in. Our routines have been changed - and changed again - as our "new normal" has slowly evolved. Fortunately, we are almost ready to see our dancers back in the studio! We have missed hearing laughter and tap shoes every night. As we prepare to have classes back in the studio again, read over these tips from our dance teachers to help you get ready to come back!

Make sure you know where all of your dance items are. It's been a while since you've had to wear your uniform, put on your shoes, and danced with your Twinkle Bear. Get all of your dance items together so you have everything ready for your first day back! Try on your shoes and uniforms to make sure they still fit comfortably, too.

Practice your dances. Visit our Digital Learning Center to watch your class choreography. Dance around your room to the songs from each of your dances. Do you remember the steps? If not, try and refresh before you come back!

Do some exercises to warm your body up.

All of our exercise routines have been changed by having to stay at home. Your first days back in class might be tough...and that's okay! Start preparing by doing some simple exercises at home. Try some jumping jacks or jog in place to get your body used to moving again.

Get a new bow or accessory to get your dancer excited for their first day back. Does your dancer love bows in their hair? Get them a new one to wear on their first day back! This has been a tough time for kids too, so get your dancer a little something to help them get back into their routines.

Talk to your dancer about staying safe and clean. Now - more than ever - it's so important to remind your kiddos about washing their hands. Remind them the importance of washing or sanitizing their hands frequently and not touching their faces. And as hard as it might be for your kiddos to stay away from their friends, remind them to stay in their designated dance space.

We are so excited to see all of our dancers back in the studio! We know times have been tough, but we are grateful we've all been able to get through this together.

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