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Dance Revue Extras

It's only November, but our dance revue will be here before you know it! Our students will start working on their dances soon. They'll be getting their costumes in and taking pictures pretty soon, too. But what does it mean to get ready for the dance revue?

Most studios put on a year end show in a professional theater. Students that perform in the show must have a costume for their dance number(s). Some studios may require parents to sew their child’s costumes, or find a seamstress to sew them. Some studios charge you separate fees throughout the year for the revue fee, costume fees, props, T-shirt, DVDs, etc. Most studios also require parents to purchase tickets for the revue performance night.

At our studio, you pay one Revue Fee that includes the 2-3 costumes necessary for your child’s numbers, as well as the proper tights for the costumes. The fee also covers costs of auditorium rental, scenery, lighting, security, sound, and includes props, hats, neckpieces, a Revue T-shirt, 3 tickets to the show, and a DVD of the show. All costumes are ready-made. If you require slight alterations, we have someone that can do them for you. We also have a group of volunteer parents & students that handle the extras like adding sequins, trim, headpiece fasteners, rhinestones, etc., - the nice touches that make our costumes extra special on the stage.

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