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Benefits of Music Lessons at CDMS

Private Music lessons can take several formats—at a school, in a dedicated music studio, in a teacher’s home, or at a church. While there can be certain perks with taking lessons at a school, church, or home, we feel that taking lessons at a dedicated music studio is the best option for most music students.

A music studio offers a specialized environment that is dedicated to learning the arts. At CDMS, we specialize in arts education and encourage participation in both dance and music programs. Everyone in our building is excited about teaching or learning music or dance, and the excitement spreads! It’s thrilling when a young beginner piano student overhears a teen student who has been taking lessons with us for years perfecting a piece in the next room. The beginner’s eyes get wide, and she asks, “Will I be able to do that someday?” This is the kind of encouragement and enthusiasm that comes from taking lessons in a place dedicated to your art form.

Because we have so many private music students, we keep our studios clean and organized, and we keep our pianos in top condition. When your lesson begins, there are no distractions—the time is spent learning and playing music, and interacting with your Instructor.

Another benefit of taking lessons at CDMS is that with our experienced staff, we can offer special learning opportunities, like Music Intensives and workshops, and at least two performing opportunities throughout the year. Because we are arts educators, we understand that performing is a natural culmination of learning, and should be done periodically to keep students motivated. We love seeing our students shine, and being able to participate in these performances is one thing our students really love about taking lessons at our studio.

When considering private lessons for your child, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of a professional studio versus a teacher’s home, a school, or even having a teacher come to your own home. Some options work better for certain families, but we find that most families enjoy coming to a place that creates many memories of music and dance for their children.

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