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Parent Participation Week

CDMS families, listen up … it’s time for one of our favorite weeks of the year: Parent Participation!

Parent Participation Week is when we open our classroom doors to YOU and allow your child to become your teacher and partner! You’ll be able to attend each lesson with your child and get an inside look at how our classes are structured. We know our students look forward to this time with you, and we’re here to make sure it’s an awesome experience for you both.

Here are some of our best tips for a successful Parent Participation Week:

  • This is an ACTIVE week, so get ready to be on your feet and moving! No observing in the classroom, parents. :)

  • We ask for you to plan for mom OR dad to participate, but not both at the same time (this will allow us enough space to accommodate every child’s family). We also ask that this be a special one-on-one time with your child, so please no siblings.

  • Dress in comfortable clothes or activewear and be ready to sweat a little. Oh, and shoes aren’t required!

  • Let your child take the lead! They are going to be thrilled to have your presence in the classroom. Ask them questions ahead of time and be prepared to follow along!

  • Bring your sense of humor, and be OK with feeling silly or making mistakes. No need to worry about what you look like! This week is designed to be a fun bonding experience.

Parent Participation Week is about so much more than stepping into class with your child: it’s about noticing their hard work, appreciating what they’ve been learning, showing them you care, and supporting something they have a passion for!

It doesn’t matter whether you think you’ve got rhythm or not (or whether you’ve got “cool” moves or can hold a tune!). What matters most is that you are able to enjoy this moment with your child and create a special memory of this time in your lives.

And don’t forget: you are not alone! Parent Participation Week is also an amazing opportunity to meet other parents and get to know the other families here at Creative Dance and Music. The positive energy during this week is truly contagious!

We can’t wait to see you in the classroom, parents!

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