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Benefits of Performing

What Does Performing Do For Musicians?

Our Spring Music Recital is right around the corner, and everyone participating is feeling similar feelings now--a little nervousness; a little excitement; hope that this is the best performance ever; fear that it won’t go well. These feelings pull performers in different directions in the days leading up to the recital, adding up to stress. But there are other things to think about to keep performers more focused and less worried! Here are a few benefits of performing to think about.

  1. Performing on stage makes you grow as a musician. By performing, you gain the knowledge that you can make music in front of others, and live to tell the tale! Each performance you do gets a little easier, as you have more experience behind you. When you perform in different settings, you gain extra experience of what different pianos feel like, what different stages sound like, and so on. It’s all part of becoming a well-rounded musician.

  2. Performing helps you learn your music better. If you’ve ever had the experience where your recital piece was 100% perfect a week ago, and now it’s not perfect any longer, you’re in the process of relearning for mastery. This is common when learning a piece well! The best thing to do when you feel this happening is to practice any spots giving you trouble, take deep breaths, and carry on. Take breaks. Then keep practicing. It will come back together for you if you keep at it.

  3. Performing helps you gain confidence in spite of your nerves. Musicians who perform frequently know that even if they make a mistake or forget a word to their song, life goes on. Musicians also know how to get past their mistakes without stopping or starting over. It’s all a part of going with the flow. And, it’s really fun to perform! A mistake isn’t anything to worry about. Ask your instructor: he or she will tell you they make mistakes all the time, and it’s true!

Finally, the recital is not a contest, and no one is judging you. Our recital is simply a chance for everyone to gain some experience on stage and share their music with their families. There are no prizes for perfect performances, and no penalties for mistakes. Just prepare, relax, and enjoy watching the other performers in your recital. They love hearing you play your music, too!

We’re all behind you, and we know you can do it!

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