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It’s Time to Head Back to Music Lessons!

We’re so excited to welcome our music students back to their private lessons! Here are some tips for having a great return to lessons.

Play or sing through some favorite older pieces

Choose a few songs you worked on in the past, and review them--no worries about forgetting parts or making mistakes. It’s time to remind your fingers or your voice about some skills you’ve mastered in the past, so you’re fully ready to learn some new things!

Locate old music books

Round up all the books and sheet music you were using at your last lesson in the spring or summer, and bring them to your first class. Even if you’ve ordered new books for the year, your instructor might need to look over some things in your old book to make sure you’re starting with the right material for you.

Write down any favorite new songs

Your instructor loves to hear about the music you’re into! It’s hard to think of titles or artists on the spot, so make a list now and bring it with you to your first lesson!

Think about your goals

While you’re thinking about favorite songs, think also about what you’d like to accomplish this year. Would you like to learn a new style of music? Maybe your goal is to memorize 3 new pieces, or to audition for a talent show. Write it down so your instructor can help you make a plan to achieve it!

Pianists, trim those nails. Singers, bring a bottle of water. Ready….set….let’s make some music!

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