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9 Tips for a First Fun New Dance Class

Follow these simple steps to help ensure both you and your little dancer experience a fabulous first dance class!

  1. TERRIFIC TALES - In advance of your first day, read some age appropriate books with your little one about dance class! Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Emily’s First Dance Class by Claire Masurel

  • Kipper’s First Dance Class by Hunt/Young Ruttle

  • My First Ballet Class by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

  • I’m a Ballerina by Sue Fliess

  1. ADVANCE VISIT - Choose a day to bring your dancer by the studio for our Open House on Saturday, August 4. Take a tour of the facility so your dancer has a chance to become familiar and meet the teacher. This is also a great time to gear up!

  2. ARRIVE EARLY - On your first day, be sure to give your dancer (and yourself!) time to calmly explore and get used to the new environment. Rushing = stress for all.

  3. ARRIVE NOURISHED - Share a healthy snack or two with your little dancer before class. A happy tummy means a happy dancer!

  4. POTTY LEAD UP PLAN - When at the studio preparing for class, bring your dancer to the bathroom (then see #6!). This way your dancer won’t run out in the middle of class and miss all of the fun!

  5. CREATE A GO-HAVE-FUN RITUAL - Kiss, kiss, silly face, off you go - or whatever quirky choices suit

your family! Create a little routine that sends your dancer to class in a great mood and knowing that you’ll be there when they finish class. Consistency is key here when creating a lovingly firm separation expectation.

  1. SHHHHH - This one’s tough, we know! However, it’s super important to let the teacher do the talking. If you are asked to sit in the class with your dancer, resist verbally coercing your dancer or otherwise speaking with him/her. We have great teachers that will encourage your child to participate and be their best!

  2. BE COMMITTED TO CONTINUITY - We get it, we all need to miss a class once in a while. But do take advantage of available make up classes to ensure your dancer continues to gain the weekly benefits consistency provides.

  1. FOCUS ON FUN! - Your teacher’s goal is to nourish your dancer’s excitement for the art form we adore. Most class activities at this age are presented in a jovial song and dance format. We encourage you, while away from the studio, to share the joy by keeping references to dance class light and festive. And there you are! On your way to a FUN FIRST DANCE CLASS!

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