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Why I Dance

National Dance Week starts on April 20, so let’s get excited! CDMS will be celebrating with Parent Participation Week April 23-26 in our dance classes.

When you come to CDMS, you are never far from a student who loves to dance. But why does she love to dance? Some of our teen assistants and demonstrators shared why they love to dance.

“I am often asked the question of why I dance. I feel that my reasoning is best expressed through the lyrics of the song “Hotel California” by The Eagles. “Some dance to remember, some dance to forget.” I dance for both of these reasons: to remember the joy that dancing brought my younger self and to forget all of my worries in life today.”

-Kylee P.

“From dance, I have learned so much both technically speaking and about myself. I’ve learned that there is always room for improvement, that if it doesn’t hurt, then you’re not doing it right, and that you won’t be the best at something the second you start it. After dancing for about five years, I can safely say that I don’t know what my life would like without dance.”

-Abi S.

“I like to feel connected with people on stage,the audience and other dancers. I like staying busy, not just sitting at home all day. I also love the adrenaline for competition and recital.”

-Zana E.

“Why do I dance? Dance is a way for many people to express themselves. It’s a thing to learn from. Not only new skills but life lessons. Things such as respect and communication skills. This is my 12th year dancing and I don’t know how to explain how much fun it is.”

-Isabella P.

“I dance because it makes me happy. When I’m dancing it makes me feel free. I met some of my best friends because of dance. Performing is one of my favorite parts about dance because I can go out and show everyone what I love to do. Dance is my favorite part of my day. In conclusion, dance is my life.”

-Grace B.

“I dance because, to me, it makes sense and everything comes together. It’s like instinct to get to know the steps, learn its counts, and do them full out. Everything comes together when you hear the music and get into the song. You break down the song with the steps and the counts and everything is one. Your body and the music become one thing.”

-Hannah H.

“Dance is where I found I belonged. My older cousin danced with me most of my life and she is the one who actually got me started dancing. I went to her dance revue and I was jumping out of my chair!”

-Elise C.

“I dance for many reasons; dance relieves my stress whenever a big exam is coming up or test. For when I’m sad I would go to dance that night forget why I am sad in the first place. If it wasn’t for my mom asking me if I wanted to do dance I wouldn’t have become the person I am today.”

-Kylie L.

“I really enjoy dancing because I get to express myself without making a single sound. Sometimes, it’s really hard to find the right words to express how I’m feelings, so I can still potray my emotions through my body.”

-Ashley S.

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