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Twinkle Star Dancers - It's Stage Time!

November is such an exciting time at the studio. We’ve announced our fun dance revue theme. We have started selecting costumes. And will be assigning songs to classes. We also know that this time can be a bit overwhelming for moms and dads of preschoolers who might just be starting on their dance journey. Here’s some information that we hope you find helpful. But as always, feel free to stop at the desk to learn more.

While our revue is not until June 3, 2018, there is so much that builds up over the next 7 months. Classes will continue with their normal routine thru January. For our preschoolers, a strong consistent class structure is key to learning. For our 5-6 year olds, they are still working on foundational skills and steps as well.

Even for our youngest, dance is a Performing Art. It’s so much more than dance steps. Part of the process is planning a routine that is just right for your little one. Music, steps, props, costumes. That is all happening now. All of our costumes are ordered over the Thanksgiving break as they take 10-12 weeks to arrive.

In January - February, when costumes start to arrive, we’ll be trying them on in class to check the fit. We do size costumes with room to grow. For our Twinkle Star dancers, we add 2” to actual measurements. Since costumes aren’t custom made, we would prefer them to be too big instead of too small, as they can always be taken in. If something is damaged or ill fitting, we will handle the exchange right away, but costumes will not go home until they are all in, sorted, labeled, and hung up for you.

In February, you’ll see your dance class change. There will be some familiar sections of class, but about half the time will be allotted for choreography, especially as they get older and dances become more complex. You will definitely see the progress from a 3 year old dance to a 5 year old dance.

By late February to early March, costumes will be ready to go home. Each costume will be complete with accessories (head piece, shoe bows, tights, and props if appropriate). You’ll just need to confirm all those parts and hang it in your closet until either dance pictures or the performance.

Here are other dance revue related topics coming. Most are optional.

  • January – Revue Book Information. This is like our yearbook or memory book for the year.

  • March/April – Dance Pictures. Individual and Groups.

  • May – Ticket sales and stage rehearsal (May 30)

If you are wondering if your little dancer will be ready for this by June, please talk to your teacher. We have so much time before June and you know how quickly they are growing and learning. They can learn so much in 7 months and we are here to help prepare them. The stage performance is truly the icing on the cake, and the dancer’s favorite time. And parents will really love to see their smiling face on that stage!

Preschool Dancers

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