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Competition Team
When you are ready for more

Now that your experienced dancer has a few years of lessons and is yearning for more, what comes next?  Dancers looking for a more focused approach with more performing opportunities might consider our competition team. Competitive dancers are 8-18 years old with several years of dance lessons.  Ballet, jazz and tap are required to develop into a strong, well-rounded performer. 

Here are a few of the extras for our team dancers:

  • Attend an extra team class weekly for technique and rehearsal

  • Attend a weekend dance convention in December

  • Learn an extra competition routine

  • Perform at 2-3 regional competitions each year

  • Attend our summer intensive at the studio

Our program is designed to further our dancers' development and provide performance opportunities all while maintaining a healthy balance of training, family, friends, and academics.

Team is a year long commitment, both with time and finances, but so worthwhile. Team members develop leadership skills, time management skills, teamwork, responsibilities and so much more.

Preschool dance class

Debut Dancers

Ages 2-5

Dance Classes Ages 6-11

Spotlight Performers

Ages 6-11

Dance Classes Ages 10+

Show Stoppers

Ages 12+

Music Lessons

Music Lessons

Ages 6+

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