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Totally Tumble 2

Mini-Session (January-March)


We're TOTALLY excited to TUMBLE with you!

Does your child love to flip and tumble?
Try our short Mini-Session where they can learn age-appropriate skills, stretches and tricks in a safe environment.
  • Increase Flexibility
  • improve balance
  • grow stronger
  • learn fun tricks
Mini-Session: January to march
jan 6 - jan 20 - feb 3 - feb 17 - mar 3 - mar 17

Here's what a few Session 1 Tumblers had to say when asked their favorite part of class...

"She loves Ms. Bunny and the format of the class." - Maci

"Her favorite part is learning cartwheels." - Juliet & Abigail

"Tumbling, Flipping, Splits!" - Gabriella

"I don't think she has a favorite part, she enjoys coming to class. She loved learning all the tumbling moves." - Natalie

"She loves her teacher. She has become more confident because she is learning the proper techniques." - Averie

"Everything!" - Madison

"All facets of learning tumbling skills. Ms. Bunny is patient." - Joi

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