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The Gift of Music

Learning music at Creative Dance & Music Studio is a fun, nurturing, and worthwhile experience. Imagine listening to your child play the first song they learn on the piano for you, in their first month of lessons, a wide smile on their face, and beaming with pride! Music brings out the creativity all young people have inside, just waiting to be unlocked.  We love sharing the experience as well, and welcome parents to sit in on their child’s lessons if they wish.


Giving your child this opportunity for increased confidence, freedom of expression, and creativity is indeed a wonderful gift. And two performance opportunities, our December Holiday Show and our May Spring Recital, provide music students the chance to return the gift, sharing their talents with family and friends!


Musical Milestones is a unique, one of a kind program, that was developed at CDMS with our music students in mind. You won't find a music program like this any place else!

Musical Milestones gives students clearly defined levels so that your child always knows where they are and what’s needed to reach the next level. They will gain confidence with every new skill they check off the list, and you’ll notice a difference when they are motivated to practice and succeed. Our new, custom-designed Assignment Book makes it easy to track their progress.


In addition to a path to success, Musical Milestones offers your child special opportunities, including creating their own music and leading groups. Your child will be proud to say “I wrote it!” when he performs his own composition for family and friends, and you’ll see more responsibility in your older child as she leads a group performance for the first time. It’s a great time to be onboard at CDMS as we explore even more ways to learn!

Musical Milestones

We Offer Private Lessons in Piano, Voice, Guitar & Violin

Piano Lessons

“Give me a piano and I will give you music.” --Yohann Dafeu


Piano has been called the best instrument for children to learn, and we agree! There are so many ways children can express themelves with the wide range of notes and sounds available on the piano. Children also love the visual format of the piano, where all the notes are stretched out in front of them, waiting to become music. We keep our lessons fun and our activities varied, so your child feels excited to share what they’ve learned each week.


In order to ensure success, we do require that piano students have a keyboard or piano at home to practice on. If purchasing a keyboard or digital piano, we recommend those that have weighted keys, as they are more similar to acoustic pianos. Full-sized pianos have 88 keys, but a 61-key model is sufficient.

Voice Lessons

“If I cannot fly, let me sing.” --Stephen Sondheim, composer


All children are natural singers, having learned to imitate sounds and songs as infants and toddlers. Voice lessons give your child that rare opportunity to really think about how to sing well, and what’s more, to have one-on-one time with an instructor who is only listening to them. Young voices have a magical charm to them, and we love to bring out the natural ability in our voice students. You will see a blossoming self-confidence in a child who has learned to hold herself confidently, smile, and project her voice out to the world!


To ensure success, we ask that voice students have a way to play digital audio at home (such as a laptop, tablet, or smart phone).

Guitar Lessons

“The guitar is a miniature orchestra in itself.” --Ludwig van Beethoven


Today, guitar lessons. Tomorrow, rock star! There are so many wonderful sounds to be made with the guitar--it can provide as much driving rhythm as a drum, or be as beautifully melodic as a violin. Children love to learn songs they can play guitar and sing to, as well as solo classical and popular music. Guitar students gain dexterity, patience, and a solid sense of rhythm. Your child’s guitar lessons will prepare him for joining a church or school band, writing his own songs, or even forming a band of his own!


For successful lessons, we ask that students have a guitar of their own to practice on at home, either acoustic or electric. Guitars range in sizes, and most young beginners require a junior size (not to be confused with a toy guitar, which we do not recommend). Local music stores that sell guitars can help find the perfect size for your young guitarist.

Piano Lessons
Dates to Remember:

May dance classes are paused at the studio.

May music lessons are on-line.

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