Descriptions of our dance styles...


Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms and is of the utmost importance at Creative Dance & Music Studio.  All of our combination classes contain ballet and continue into our Teen classes.  Ballet develops poise, control, strength, flexibility, balance, and grace. Ballet begins as creative movement with simple movements and positions in our Baby Dancers and progresses in terminology, positions, and movements of the Cecchetti method of classical ballet. Upon teacher recommendation, pointe lessons are available for dancers over 12 years old.


While there are many forms of tap dancing, we focus on traditional tap dance.  Tap utilizes foot patterns to create rhythmical sounds with metal plates on the ball and heel of the shoe.  Tap can be performed either with music or acapella (without music).  Tap develops rhythm, timing, balance, coordination, and cardiovascular conditioning.


Jazz is a fun, energetic form of dance enjoyed by all ages. While jazz is a derivative of ballet, it is usually performed with upbeat, rhythmic, popular music.  Jazz class consists of a warm up, technique, and progressions. Skills include stretch and flexibility, turns, and jumps. Ballet is required to take jazz class.


Lyrical (or Contemporary) is a form of dance that can be thought of as a combination of ballet and jazz. Lyrical dance is matched to the lyrics and feeling of the music and has a strong ballet, or technical, foundation.  Students ages 8+ that are enrolled in a classical ballet class are eligible to enroll.

Hip Hop

Hip hop is a form of jazz dance, and actually has many forms itself.  Our style is commonly thought of as funky jazz or street jazz.  Hip Hop is performed with upbeat, pop music (typically a form of rap or R&B but it is always monitored for content and lyrics.

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Dates to Remember:

3/22-4/1 - Dance Pictures

4/2-4/8 - Easter Break (no classes)

5/1 - Rollover Registration

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